Spokane Co. golf courses are reopening with COVID security measures

March 7, 2021, 5:20 p.m.

Kaitlin Knapp

Posted: Mar 7, 2021 at 5:20 pm

SPOKANE CO., Wash. – Dust those golf clubs off! Spokane County’s golf courses are reopening. Like many other things in our life, things will be different because of the pandemic.

Last year’s COVID-19 logs are pretty similar this year. This time, head golf professionals feel more confident about the applicable guidelines.

“It took a little getting used to, but working with our customers we made it,” said Steve Nelke, Head Golf Pro at Latah Creek. “We try to take every possible precaution to ensure that people can create social distance.”

Face masks are required when you go in. Social distancing must be followed no matter where you take the course.

As for golf carts, it’s a little different than it was at the beginning of last season. In phase 2, according to Nelke, two people from two different households can sit in one car. However, both must wear a mask.

“If you’re comfortable, you can share a car, but if you don’t want to share a car with anyone, you certainly have that option,” said Nelke.

Currently there can only be groups of four. This is something that will add hope to golf courses when Phase 3 is developed.

“I think that’s a big part of what we want to see in the future is that we can have larger groups on the golf course,” said Kit DeAndre, Head Golf Pro at Liberty Lake Golf Course.

Both golf pros said the golf courses had to forego tournaments last season due to the size accumulation cap. In Latah Creek, Carnation said they couldn’t have shotgun starts last year.

Don’t forget, if you choose to eat indoors, indoor dining is currently only 25% busy.

As for staff, they have to keep up with cleaning to keep everyone safe.

“We just do everything to make people feel good. So it’s more of a continuation of what we did last year,” said Nelke.

The Liberty Lake Golf Course is now open. Latah Creek and Meadow Wood Golf Course – both locations are open March 12th.

Many courses allow you to practice on the driving range. It is best to call your local golf course first.

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