Select Board candidate Everett J. Malaguti III

Everett J. Malaguti III, 33, 6 South Cherry Street

Office wanted: Plymouth Select Board

Education: Graduated from Plymouth North in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology and environmental science (both degrees completed this year) from Plymouth State University

Current occupation: Squinny’s Pizza Restaurant

Social Commitment: Volunteers on several neighborhood cleanups including Hedge Hood Cleanup, former library volunteer, donate / support the Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless and Plymouth Animal Shelter

Public service on site: District 1 city meeting representative, vice chair of the Energy Committee, chair of the Natural Resources and Coastal Beaches Committee, member of the Visitor Services Committee, member of the North Plymouth Steering Committee, member of the Cemetery Committee, former member of the Cable Council and Revenue Idea Task Force

Why are you looking for this office?

I’m looking for an office because I’m frustrated with the way the city manages itself with little accountability and the use of resources and taxpayers’ money with little benefit to its residents. I want to create a better dialogue between employees, management and residents in the city and promote a more inclusive environment that enables a free exchange of ideas and cooperation. I would like to bring a new perspective and way of thinking to the board in order to strengthen public participation in the city, especially by the youth population.

What should the city do if revenue falls due to the pandemic?

When revenues decline, the city should take some austerity measures by budgeting for their basic needs and eliminating all unnecessary expenses. At the same time, the city must look for innovative and sensible approaches to finding new sources of income, whether through grant opportunities, energy efficiency, and consolidation of services between departments and possibly other cities, in order to efficiently service residents while protecting the taxpayer dollars. Even without a drop in revenue, these are practices that the city should already and continuously apply.

Are you satisfied with the current form of local government? What specific changes, if any, would you like to see?

I am happy with the shape of local government, but there are things that need to change to make them work better and become more accountable. I would appreciate if the size of the city assembly were reduced to 5 representatives per district, which would make each representative more accountable to their constituents, but also allow more competition for those seats, thereby increasing the public’s involvement. I would also like to see the Select Board and Town Meeting have more power to review each other and hold each branch of local government more accountable.

What is another major problem Plymouth is facing? How would you deal with it as a board member?

It’s hard to name just one, but economic development and building maintenance are high on the list. My approach to economic development would be to streamline the application process by having more work and plans submitted, reviewed and processed online by the departments. This reduces time and money and allows projects to go through the process faster while staying open to dialogue with the public. While we need to increase our economic development to create better jobs and tax revenues, we need to do so in terms of the environment and the character of the city. My approach to building maintenance would be to create a sustainable source of funding to enable the much-needed repairs and replacements to our city buildings, and to fully staff the building and facility maintenance departments to have the manpower that is needed to keep our buildings in top shape.