Seattle releases draft map of new city council districts

The Seattle Redistricting Commission, a panel of consultants and attorneys, tasked with redrawing Seattle’s district boundaries to accord with the 2020 Census, has released its proposed new district map.

The draft maps draw from more than 50 community information sessions and seven public forums to gather information from the public about the impact that the redistricting process will have on the people of Seattle.

“For the first time in Seattle’s history, we are engaged in redrawing the lines of the seven City Council districts,” said Greg Nickels, Seattle Redistricting Commission Chair. “My fellow commissioners and I are taking great care to listen to the public as we are doing our work. Adopting a draft map is a big step forward in that process.”

Commission releases first drafts of redrawn Seattle council districts

Public comment on the proposed map is currently open and will last until Nov. 8.

A series of subsequent public forums, facilitated by the redistricting commission, will be held throughout the summer and into the fall. The first among that series will be held at noon Tuesday, Aug. 9, at Seattle City Hall.

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