Rental Assistance Available for Spokane Families Affected by COVID-19 | news

SPOKANE, Washington – If you are struggling to pay your monthly rent, the City of Spokane may be able to help if you are also affected by COVID-19.

In order to receive rental assistance, you will need to provide proof that you reside in the city of Spokane. You will also need to demonstrate that your household has lost jobs or wages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your household income is below Spokane average, and that your current home is at risk by showing either unpaid rental fees or an expectation of future rent defaults .

The US Treasury Department-funded rental assistance programs are open and in high demand. LiveStories, the Carl Maxey Center, and Family Promise of Spokane have been tasked with processing applications based on the priorities listed above.

Households with an income of at least 50% of the median income or with one or more people who are unemployed and have been unemployed for 90 days before the application date are preferred.

LiveStories offers space for all eligible city tenants. Family Promise of Spokane accepts applications for eligible households with minor children. The Carl Maxey Center will give priority rental and support assistance to African American and BIPOC households within the city limits. The goal of the Carl Maxey Center is to empower, empower, and transform the COVID-19 African American and BIPOC communities in Spokane. Funds are available for overdue rents and ancillary costs to prevent residential instability.

So far, the rental housing emergency program has provided $ 5.3 million to residents of the City of Spokane or their landlords, and more money is available for qualified households.

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