Relocation of Everett events downtown is an improvement


I want to thank the Schack Art Center and the City of Everett for moving Fresh Paint, Sorticulture, and the Farmers Market to downtown Everett. This change was needed and appreciated. The more handicapped accessible locations with a nearby parking garage and smooth streets for those with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and strollers, now make attending these events possible. The uneven ground, tree roots, and mud of Legion Park, the gravel at Boxcar Park, and too small space for the crowd on the pier at the marina, made it impossible to attend for some. All three generations of my family can now enjoy a day out together.

Isn’t it wonderful that so many people had the opportunity to attend a variety of events so close together in downtown Everett on a recent weekend? Funko had a block party, artists at Fresh Paint, and produce and crafts at the Farmers Market. How lucky are we in Everett to have so many options?

Anyone refusing to attend because they are pouting about the change of location are really missing out on fantastic art, food, music, and fun. They might want to reconsider this decision.

Legion Park, the marina, and Boxcar Park are there to enjoy every day of the year.

I’m looking forward to the Artists Garage Sale outside the Schack on Sept. 10!

Kim Payne