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You are driving along the motorway when suddenly a vehicle whizzes past you and snakes through the traffic in front of you. Or maybe it’s more than a vehicle and they seem to be racing. You wonder where’s a cop when you need one. There is an answer.

Washington State Patrol (WSP) is asking you to call 911 and ask for the WSP. They also want ruthless, aggressive, and drunk off-road drivers. These drivers are dangerous to anyone on the road and must be reported so that the WSP can take action. All drivers on the road are additional eyes for the WSP.

What should I do?

Sgt Darren Wright of the WSP offers these guidelines. If you see one or more dangerous drivers on the road, call 911 and ask about the Washington State Patrol. The dispatcher will put you through to them quickly.

Get as much information as you can about the vehicle in question, such as: B. Your location on the freeway (e.g. – heading north on I-5 on the Snohomish Plains – mile post 196), make and model of vehicle, color, license plate, and anything unusual like a roof, bike rack, or other Ladder. If the driver flew by too fast to gather all of this information, do your best. Sgt. Wright said, “Avoid catching up and putting yourself in danger. Just get as much information as you can. “

Share the location and vehicle information with the WSP dispatcher. You will contact nearby soldiers to track the offending vehicle. Unfortunately, the WSP has to be a personal witness in the event of violations. However, your call and information is critical to finding these motorists.


Some drivers have dashcams. Sgt. Wright said, “If you are witnessing a crash or other violation like a DUI, the crime dash cam video can be very helpful and can be shared with the WSP. A DUI is one such criminal case. ”In such cases, the WSP will ask the public if they have video evidence of a crime on the Autobahn. Any such video becomes a public recording, but the video was recently instrumental in a successful DUI case.


Why do some drivers behave so recklessly on the autobahn? Some people are simply in a hurry, arriving late, or getting impatient with other drivers who are slow or in their way. When asked about the influence of video games or movies on reckless driving behavior, Sgt. Wright said, “Yes, racing video games and movies with fast cars do have an effect. At least one successful court case involved this outside influence. “

So if you come across one or more drivers who are driving too fast and, in particular, weaving their way through traffic without signaling, colliding or other aggressive actions, you can do something. Call 911 and alert the Washington State Patrol. They are their extra eyes on the road and they appreciate your calls to find these reckless drivers.

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