Rare No-Filter Pics Of Chantel Everett Without Makeup

shaper 90 Day Fiance franchise star Chantel Everett occasionally shows off her makeup-free looks without photo filters on social media, proving she’s beautiful without any enhancements. The 31-year-old reality star is known for her spin-off show, The Family Chantel, where she recently had a messy breakup with her husband, Pedro Jimeno. The couple’s relationship began six years ago but eventually crumbled due to personal differences and communication issues. Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel in May 2022, initiating the end of their marriage.


Over the last few months, Chantel has done everything to save her marriage. However, Pedro has given her the cold shoulder. The couple’s actions show that Chantel cared about her marriage, which is why the breakup hurt her the most. Thankfully, the Atlanta native is doing much better in September 2022, as she has moved on, doing whatever she wants. Chantel’s recent Instagram updates show the 90 Day Fiancé alum is looking forward to new beginnings.

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Chantel has also been returning to her old self, showing off glam looks on social media. Recently, she shared an Instagram Story of herself getting makeup done and enjoying time with family and friends. 90 Day Fiancé alum Chantel’s glamorous pictures always get praise, but so do her no-filter and more natural looks.

Chantel Everett’s Looking Sad Yet Charming

The Family Chantel Chantel Everett Instagram story

In the last few months, Chantel has shared various posts showing off her natural beauty. In July 2022, she posed a selfie of herself sitting in her car, ready for her early morning shift. The picture shows Chantel wearing a blue top and a white hairband along with her eyeglasses. While Chantel didn’t look particularly happy in the post, she did look quite pretty while embracing her natural beauty.

Chantel Everett With No Makeup On TV

In September 2022, 90 Day Fiancé viewers were happy to see Chantel with no makeup in The Family Chantel season 4 finale. A fan from Reddit, rebecky311, shared her natural look in a thread, which got a lot of praise from fellow viewers. One Redditor wrote, “She’s beautiful with and without makeup,” adding that 90DF’s Chantel should embrace her natural beauty. Another Redditor commented, “She will be fine and have a line of men to choose from when she is ready to move on.”

Chantel Everett’s No Filter Beach Look

Even before Chantel split from Pedro, she has never been shy to show her no-makeup look. In 2020, she shared a filter-free photo of herself in a swimsuit, enjoying her time by the pools. Chantel only wore sunglasses in the post, with no additional makeup. Fans left several comments, telling Chantel how beautiful she looked and showered her with compliments such as, “You are stunning!” and “You are beautiful, but when you smile you are more.” 90 Day Fiance viewers hope that Chantel, who’s doing better after The Family Chantel season 4, will keep shining, despite the challenges in her life.

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