Port of Seattle Safely Concludes Cruise Season Amid COVID Protocols – Cruise Industry News

The Port of Seattle will safely end its 2021 cruise season this Saturday, October 23, with the departure of Norwegian Encore from the Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal at Pier 66.

According to a press release, the season will end after 82 cruise ships and approximately 229,000 passengers were safely housed with revenue between July 19 and October 23. “Safety protocols, national and local health guidelines, port facility best practices, and timely congressional action” all contributed to a successful cruise season, the port wrote.

Next year’s cruise season, which starts in April, is expected to be closer to 2019’s passenger and ship calls.

“The Port of Seattle is investing in the future of cruising,” said Stephanie Jones Stebbins, general manager of the Port of Seattle’s maritime division. “Cruise contributes to our local maritime economy, helps the port to maintain a large number of maritime companies on our functioning waterfront, promotes sustainability innovations that advance all maritime industries, and makes a major contribution to the regional economy.”

Mark Everton, the CEO of the Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority (SSRTA), said they were “very grateful that Alaska was having a cruise season in 2021”.

“(I) t has had a positive impact on the accommodation providers in our area,” he noted. “Our members are looking forward to a strong and lively season 2022, which will generate additional rooms and tourist activities for the region.”

Although this is the last passenger voyage of the season, a ship could stay in Puget Sound while it prepares for its next destinations, the Port of Seattle wrote.

In the lead up to the 2021 cruise season, the port and cruise lines invested “significant resources” in supporting community health, ensuring robust water quality protection, reducing air emissions and bringing well-paying jobs back to Seattle’s waterfront.

The port has been working with public health officials, environmental agencies, community groups, and local vendors for the past year and a half to offset the security of COVID-19, implement quality environmental measures, and fuel economic recovery.

“The 2021 cruise season represented the port’s commitment to bring cruising back to our community safer, stronger and more sustainable than ever,” the port said. “A typical cruise season brings the region nearly $ 900 million in business revenue and secures over 5,000 jobs. Though still well below the economic activity of a normal year, the 2021 season has helped companies take another step away from financial strains To make times to support their families. ” in Alaska and Washington. “

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