Port of Everett Commission Adopts $89M 2022 Budget | News

The Port of Everett Commission has approved an operating and capital budget of $ 89 million for 2022. The budget sets the financial framework for the port to continue to realize the vision of a balanced Everett waterfront that supports maritime use in the urban deep-sea port as well as mixed use at the destination port.

The budget comprises a one-year operating and investment budget as well as a five-year investment plan with a three-year financing plan.

The port’s budget and financing plan for 2022 takes into account the financial impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the port’s aerospace business. It does so while the port is positioned to develop significant opportunities to support economic recovery and new jobs, including continued investment in the Port Commission’s top key priorities, modernizing and expanding the seaport, and expanding Waterfront Place.

The plan includes 81 individual projects that advance the port’s strategic initiatives, with a strong focus on continued seaport investments to bring the former Kimberly-Clark facility back to work with the development of a new sea freight terminal and the creation of a new one Mixed-use waterfront community on Waterfront Place with construction start on new restaurant buildings and public infrastructure to support future phases.

It is also improving public access and environmental initiatives with the completion of the salmon habitat restoration project in Blue Heron Slough and the opening of new waterfront walking trails in the new Baywood Industrial Park. These initiatives were launched by the Port Commission and control long-term funding and the allocation of human resources.

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