Mascots approved for new middle schools in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Public Schools approved mascot names for two new middle schools under construction in Spokane: Denny Yasuhara Middle School (Northeast Spokane) and Pauline Flett Middle School (Northwest Spokane).

The school board approved the Phoenix for Yasuhara and the Riverhawks for Flett.

During the meeting, Yasuhara Principal Stephanie Lundberg said that students voted on the Phoenix name for its representation of perseverance and determination. Sporting steel blue colors with a burnt orange accent, the mascot was supported by the school’s stakeholders.

Flett Principal Matthew Henshaw says that the students opted for the Riverhawks mascot for its ties to the location and the importance of tribes. Showcasing teal and gray colors with a white accent, the mascot featured is the osprey, a large hawk with significant historical ties to the area.

Both schools say they are eager to welcome their first rounds of students in August of 2022.