Local boy scout group asks the public for help in finding $ 28,000 worth of stolen bicycles


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VANCOUVER, Wash. (KPTV) – Every summer, children from Oregon and across the country travel to the coast with the Cascade Pacific Council’s Boy Scouts of America.

In recent years, they have launched a mountain bike program that allows scouts to ride a 2.5 mile trail.

“Rolls, jumps and a big old bridge. It’s right through the forest, right on the Oregon Coast, south of Cape Lookout at Camp Meriwether, ”said Chris Herold, Resident Camping Director.

He said they have a brand new fleet of 40+ bikes for scouts every summer.

“Every year we take these bikes out of camp, make sure they’re in good condition, sell them, and then buy the new fleet so our scouts can use the best new equipment,” said Herold.

Then, on Monday, a white van carrying more than half of their fleet was stolen from a volunteer’s home in Vancouver. Herold said this is a $ 28,000 hit overall.

“It’s a blow to the program because you have to fund the new bikes with the old bikes you sell,” he said. “Big white box full of gray bikes. It was REI bikes, really decent bikes, mountain bikes, hardtails. Losing the truck is also a blow. “

Herold is now asking the community to look out for the van and bikes so the Boy Scouts can ride as usual this summer.

“When you come to summer camp, you are outside and with your friends, facing age-appropriate challenges. During this Covid period, they did not get much of it or not as much as they needed. That is why we want to give children this opportunity. Getting these bikes is part of the puzzle, ”said Herold.

If you spot the bikes or vans, you can call the CPCBSA at 503-226-3423 or the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 564-397-2211.

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