Introducing the Mariners Week That Was on 710 ESPN Seattle

Every week on 710 ESPN Seattle is full of Seattle Mariners talks, whether it be interviews with players, announcers or analysts, in-depth conversations from the broadcaster’s hosts, or even the weekly Jerry Dipoto Show with M.

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What if you happened to miss some of these great conversations about Mariners? Well we have good news.

Shannon Drayer, Mariners Insider for 710 ESPN Seattle, now hosts Mariners Week That Was, a podcast that gathers some of the station’s best M coverage every weekend. Shannon provides her point of view of every segment along the way. So if you’re looking for the latest on the emerging team during a very important off-season, you’ve come to the right place.

Find each new episode on The Hot Stove’s podcast page (subscribe to Podcasts here on Apple or here on Stitcher) and listen to the first episode at this link or in the player below. Below that is a breakdown of each segment with links to relevant audios and stories.

1. The Mike Salk Show, November 3rd (Hour 1) | Audio
2. Talking Mariners Podcast with Shannon Drayer and Boy Howdy, November 3rd – Audio | story
3. Jake & Stacy, November 3rd (Hour 4) – Audio
4. Mariners Pitcher Casey Sadler on Wyman & Bob, November 4th (Hour 4) – Audio | story
5. The Jerry Dipoto Show, November 4th – Audio | story
6. Ms broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith on the Mike Salk Show November 4th (Hour 4) – Audio
7. Ms broadcaster Gary Hill Jr. via Jake & Stacy, November 4th (Hour 1) – Audio
8. Baseball America Editor-in-Chief JJ Cooper on Jake & Stacy, Nov 4th (Hour 3) – Audio
9. Ryan Divish, Seattle Times Mariners reporter, via Jake & Stacy, Nov. 4th (Hour 4) – Audio
10. Jon Morosi of MLB Network via Wyman & Bob, November 4th (Hour 4) – Audio
11. The Mike Salk Show, November 5th (Hour 1) – Audio | story

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