Introducing Seattle Met’s PNWander Travel Newsletter

Sometimes I feel for Carmen Sandiego, everyone always asking her where in the world she is. As Seattle Met’s travel editor, I can relate; almost daily someone asks me “Where are you going next?” Sometimes the answer is as far off as a Zimbabwe bush camp, or on a dumpling hunt through Vancouver shopping malls, or just up in my beloved Cascade Mountains. Fortunately, there is nothing I love more than talking about travel, particularly within our Pacific Northwest homeland.

That’s why Seattle Met has decided to launch PNWander, a travel newsletter. Every other week, I’ll be sharing where in the world I’m going, and more importantly, where I’m thinking about traveling right now. There will be links to our newest travel stories, and maybe the occasional gem from our sister publication, `. Plus I’ll keep readers updated on the latest related to travel and outdoor recreation across the region.

The Pacific Northwest is wild—and I don’t just mean the wildlife. This corner of the US is so varied you can hit a scenic ocean beach and a temperate rain forest on the same day. We have a world-class wine region and a dramatic river gorge that stretches for hundreds of miles, plus cities like Vancouver and Portland to explore. We hike, camp, sail, climb, kite surf, and ride horses, and sometimes we hop a flight to more than 100 nonstop destinations. In short, we will have plenty to talk about.

Join me for a regular helping of travel (you can sign up here), and also for our Nosh Pit newsletter, where Seattle Met food guru Allecia Vermillion will do a weekly deep dive into Seattle’s vibrant food and dining scene. And be sure to email me at [email protected] to share your own travel plans or interests; I want to know where in the world you’re going next.