Everett’s no-drug zones updated to remove part of Broadway

Everett’s no-drug zones have been updated to remove part of Broadway

EVERETT – The city will continue to designate portions of Broadway, Evergreen Way and Hewitt Avenue as drug-free zones from which court-ordered offenders must stay away.
The city will only lift the restriction within 700 to 1000 blocks of Broadway because of the few arrests. There have only been four narcotics incidents in the area and none in the last year, City Prosecutors Lacey Offutt said.
Police officers continue to detect drug use in the open air in Clark Park, Police Sergeant Chris Bennett said last week. People complain about it regularly, it says in his letter.
The other drug-free areas of the city are along Casino Road, Rucker Avenue, Smith Avenue, and Everett Mall Way. The length of the Evergreen Way is a no longer drug use zone. The area near Fred Meyer on Casino Road and Evergreen Way represented the highest number of drug offenses in the city, with the area near Everett Mall Way Walmart close behind.
A no-stay area is most commonly used in neighborhoods with drug problems. A judge can instruct someone convicted on a drug charge – from summons to paraphernalia – not to enter these zones or risk the risk of violating the order.
There were a total of 1,359 narcotics appeals, leading to around 774 arrests. 72 arrests were made for violating drug orders.

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