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The Everett Area High School class of 2021 saw a year of changes and challenges they could never have predicted.

However, on Thursday evening, about 76 students went to their seats in the field to receive their diplomas.

Mary Hood, class president and one of two salutators, greeted classmates, parents, and staff.

Dr. Danny Webb, Superintendent, introduced the Valedictorian and Salutatorians.

“Academic success at this level requires a strong commitment to excellence and hours of hard work,” said Webb.

He recognized three students whom he described as outstanding for their work ethic, dedication and dedication.

First, it recognized the second highest academic award, the Salutator, Hood, and Annie Nave.

Then he announced that the valedictorian was Emily Rose.

“Where did the time go anyway? I remember being little and watching people tell my family not to blink and that life can pass you by.” said Rose. “It feels like we’ve blinked and skipped everything that leads us here. As the years have passed, I know that the memories this class made together will last forever. Leaves an impression for years. “

The Salutatorians were the next to speak to the class.

Because they had the opportunity to talk to each other, they had the opportunity to explain their relationship.

Nave and Hood have been close friends since elementary school and have been in slight competition with each other ever since.

“Whether it was doing our math worksheets first or comparing the exam scores, we used each other as a constant driving force,” said Hood. “Looking back, she was one of my biggest motivators and I think she would agree.”

Wood said there wasn’t anyone she’d rather share the stage with than Nave.

“While we both went to great lengths to achieve this status, it would not have been possible without the support of faculty and staff,” said Nave. This year was just as difficult for us as it was for them.

Wood also thanked family, friends, and loved ones for the support they gave to the class.

“We’re grateful for the friendships we made in the 2021 class,” said Hood. “I think the pandemic has brought all of our classmates closer together. We learned to rely on each other than we normally would. “

Nave then talked about the training they received and the tools Everett gave them to be successful.

“That high school experience gave us an opportunity to thrive in and out of the classroom,” said Nave. “In the words of Nelson Mandela, education is the most powerful weapon with which the world can be changed. We’ll continue to have the passion Everett taught us as we head off to college and start our lives. “

Studying looked a little different as the class sometimes had to study remotely and it was difficult to maintain the level of motivation that Hood said they always had.

“When we came back full-time, it was difficult to get back to the routine we’d followed for so long.” said Hood. “I am proud to say that we have mastered this challenge and ourselves as a learning opportunity. While it was definitely not ideal, our class did what we do best, thrived and adapted. “

“With so many different emotions swirling through us tonight, let me remind you that this is the beginning,” said Nave. “We’ve spent so much time together in the high school hallways and now is our chance to demonstrate our skills in the real world.”

The faculty spokesman was Robert Byers, middle and high school social science teacher.

“C’est la vie means’ this is life,” “said Byers. “I’ve looked up a deeper meaning of the term and it says that when things don’t go as planned, some people keep complaining while others accept the fact that disappointment is not part of life. So life is; It doesn’t have to focus on the negative, the idea is that there are things that are out of our control and how we deal with the events it provides. “

Tony Ramsey from the 1992 class was the alumni spokesperson.

“Twenty-nine years ago I was sitting right where you are in hat and robe,” said Ramsey. “I knew my career path, but after high school it was an exciting world for me. Of course you had a lot more to do last year. I know it wasn’t easy. It shows them that you can adapt and overcome whatever you come across. Take pride in how far you have come, believe in how far you have come, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far, proud of everything you want to do in the future, and proud of your career path. “

Then James Hollis, assistant superintendent and director of special education, read the names of the graduates, and Webb, Donald Burd, principal, and Corey Reffner, president of the Everett Area School Board, presented the diplomas.

Following the class presentation of 2021, Webb gave a speech to the students to wrap up the ceremony.

“You didn’t complain, you did what we asked,” said Webb. “You seemed to find the best in the situation and you made the best of it.

“We saw a lot of changes in just one year. The past two years have been the most unpredictable of my career and I’m sure they are similar to you. You all choose to preserve and that is why you are sitting here tonight. That was a choice, you could have found an excuse, but it was a choice to find your way. You need to learn to adapt and be comfortable with change.

“Success will depend on it and will be determined. When you learn to deal with change and we are comfortable, we can see that with every challenge, there are opportunities. “

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