Election Day November 2, 2021 – Everett Post

November 2021 is election day. Off-year elections have historically had a lower turnout than national elections, but they are often more important at the local level. There are many counseling topics on the state slate this year that should be considered.

If you are not registered don’t worry, you can still do it tomorrow. Below are links to the state and county electoral brochures that will enable you to find out more about local issues and candidates in your districts. If for whatever reason you have not received or mislaid a voting slip in the mail, this can be corrected tomorrow.

Of particular interest are the Everett City Council races. As we discussed last year, Everett went through the reassignment process that was heavily debated. Should it have happened before the 2020 census or not. Everett now has five districts and two major members. Full members won’t be available for election until 2023, but three of the other districts will represent new faces specific to your region.

Please take a moment to study and understand the candidates’ positions as they are making policy decisions that directly affect you. These links also provide voter registration information, election day information, and other pertinent information so that you can be heard and your vote counts.

For nationwide information, see the Washington State General Election Voters Guide.

For information about Snohomish County, see the Snohomish County Local Election Voters Guide.

For Skagit County, see the Skagit County Voters Pamphlet.

For information about Island County, see the Island County Voter brochure.

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