Comparatively large companies where the employees are the happiest

How comparably came up with this ranking

With workers quitting in droves, it is important for anyone looking for their next job to find a company where people are happy with both their job assignments and the workplace culture.

Comparably’s annual ranking of the happiest employees anonymously asks workers various questions about what it’s like to work there. In order to get a feel for how satisfied the employees are at their workplace, Comparably asked questions such as “Do you normally enjoy commuting to work every day?” and “Are you satisfied with your benefits?” This year’s list was based on ratings from mid-September 2020 to mid-September 2021.

The above list are the large companies that are similarly defined as companies with over 500 employees that have the happiest employees based on anonymous employee responses.

All information, including industry categories and anonymous employee quotes, was shared with Insiders by Comparably. The full list and the ranking for small and medium-sized companies can be found on Comparable here.

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