City of Spokane, Washington, recent phone fraud

On October 24, 21, the SPD received news of a telephone fraud that was apparently aimed at youth workers and had targeted many companies in the region. The callers posed as local law enforcement officers and instructed local youth workers to take money from the cash registers and transfer it to gift cards. The scammers used “spoofing” software that allows a caller to change the phone number a call recipient sees so that it appears to be a police enforcement number.

If you receive a call from someone pretending to be with local law enforcement and are questioning legitimacy, you can call crime investigation at 509-456-2233 to verify the authenticity of the caller. The aforementioned incidents are still being investigated. Anyone who has received such a call or has information about the perpetrators is asked to call Crime Investigation at 509-456-2233, Reference Incident 2021-20183810.

The best protection against such scams is vigilance; Law enforcement agencies will never call a person and ask, demand, or otherwise induce them to do so. In general, law enforcement agencies are not charged with collecting any fines or costs, and such a request, particularly over the phone, should arouse suspicion. As a general rule, never give financial information over the phone to anyone whose identity has not been verified and whom you trust.

To report non-compliance with the Governor’s Stay Home Stay Healthy order, please email [email protected] or call 509-477-2684. Please do not call 911 or Crime Check.
Please include company name, address if available and your contact information for event follow-up. Your report will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency in Spokane County. More info.

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  • City of Spokane, Washington, recent phone fraud
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