CipherDriveOne earns internationally recognized certifications and is promoted to the US government’s top list program for components

SAN JOSE, California., June 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CipherDriveOne (, a KLC company, is the first to offer a hardware full-disk encryption – authorization acquisition (AA) solution for data-at-rest (DAR) requirement promoted by the US government. CipherDriveOne adds an additional layer of key encryption and authentication to any self-encrypting solid-state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD) with OPAL 2.0. The contents of the hard disk are protected immediately, independent of the operating system and controlled by a Common Criteria certified FIPS 140-2 key encryption technology with the availability of a managed one-, two- and multi-factor user authentication.

Managed single, 2-factor and multi-factor authentication

The KLC Group’s first successful award came through the FIPS 140-2 validation process. FIPS 140-2 is the required standard for validating cryptographic implementations for federal agencies, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The KLC Group has been awarded the certificate number C1980 for its validated implementation. CipherDriveOne used this certification and product development for a new data-at-rest solution and entered the Common Criteria tests under the guidance of the Lightship Security Labs Ottawa Canada. CipherDriveOne has been assessed for compliance with the Collaborative Protection Profile for Full Drive Encryption – Authorization Acquisition, v2.0 + Errata 20190201. After a few months of testing and evaluation, CipherDrive passed all of the compliance claims to receive final certification of the product. CipherDrive 1.2.2 has been listed in the Canada Common Criteria Scheme (CCCS), in the International Common Criteria Portal and also in the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) PCL (Product Compliant List) February 2021.

“It has been great to work with the KLC Group’s technical team to test and certify this innovative technology that is helping to fill a void in the industry for certified solutions in this area,” said Jason Lawlor, President, Lightship Security. “Your commitment to product safety and your collaboration on the project have resulted in a great certification result for everyone involved. We look forward to working with the KLC Group team again.”

During the Common Criteria test, a key component (no electronic ballast) was used when testing CipherDrive 1.2.2., The lightning-fast DIGISTOR SSDs. Lightship Security tested CipherDrive 1.2.2 together with the DIGISTOR self-encrypting drive models DIG-M25126-SI and DIG-M2N22566-UI. Both SSDs are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified and also meet the OPAL 2.0 specification of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

“We are pleased that KLC DIGISTOR has selected SSDs for the comprehensive Common Criteria testing process,” said Murray Ellis II, Vice President of Engineering at DIGISTOR, a CDSG brand. “The Common Criteria Seal of Approval is important to our customers who understand the importance of including high-performance FIPS 140-2 L2-certified storage in their security solutions.”

KLC is pleased to include the CipherDrive 1.2.2 list in. to announce March 2021 to the component list of the Central Security Service (NSA | CSS) of the National Security Agency (NSA | CSS) under Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) for Hardware Full-Disk Encryption (HWFDE) for the collaborative protection profile for full drive encryption – authorization acquisition. Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) is an important part of the NSA’s commercial cybersecurity strategy to deliver secure cybersecurity solutions that leverage commercial technologies and products to rapidly deploy cybersecurity solutions. CipherDrive’s flexible technology can be adapted to many existing hard drive platforms that are strategically in line with CSfC’s mission. CipherDrive adds lock and managed single, two-factor, and multi-factor authentication to protect self-encrypting hard drives.

“Although it has been a long road to certification, I am proud to claim our listings with NIAP and the NSA,” said Kurt Lennartsson, Managing Partner, KLC Group. “CipherDriveOne is a breakthrough product that enables corporate and government customers alike to meet the challenges of data-at-rest, privacy and security with a solid certified product.”

CipherDriveOne is now available for direct purchase and through licensed partners and resellers under the General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage partnership program. For more information on CipherDriveOne, please visit:

About the lightship security
Lightship Security Inc. is an independent, ISO 17025 accredited cybersecurity laboratory that specializes in technology-enabled, standards-based product security testing. Combining deep security expertise with its industry-first test automation engine, the company delivers modernized product certification services to its growing global customer base. More information is available at

About CDSG
CDSG is a leading provider of high quality data security, transportation, and storage equipment to government and military agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, the entertainment industry, corporate IT departments, data centers, and digital forensics investigators. The product range includes secure removable storage from CRU and DIGISTOR, industrially encrypted SSDs and memory cards from DIGISTOR, disaster-proof ioSafe storage devices and digital examination devices from WiebeTech. Founded in 1986 and based in Vancouver, Washington, CDSG ensures that sensitive, critical information is highly secure through physical data storage. CDSG works with an unwavering commitment to the highest quality, on-time delivery and comprehensive customer service.

About KLC Group LLC and CipherDriveOne
CipherDriveOne, a KLC company, is an innovative cybersecurity company based in Silicon Valley. We are experts in encryption, authentication and cybersecurity products for intrusion detection. CipherDriveOne takes an innovative approach to safe product design. Our primary goal is to develop security and data protection-oriented products for the Internet. The KLC Group, founded in 2007, is headquartered in San Jose, California. Visit for more information.

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