Carlton Likely Forces a Fourth Day of Play | 2021 World Series of Poker

With a hard stop at the end of the looming level, Everett Carlton appears to have forced a fourth game day after winning what is perhaps the biggest pot heads-up.

Everett Carlton: {x-}/{7-}{6-}{k-}{3-}/{x-}
Benny Glaser: {x-}{x-}/{9-}{4-}{9-}{7-}/{x-}

Carlton limped behind Glaser’s bring-in on Third Street and check-called Bets on fourth and fifth streets.

Things got interesting in sixth place when Carlton first bet in hand but was raised by Glaser despite showing a pair on board.

Carlton called the raise, then went back to seventh place and sent Glaser into the proverbial blender.

For the first time, Glaser looked visibly frustrated all night, shook his head and said he should have simply folded his hand earlier. Finally, he flicked a calling chip at Carlton.

Carlton showed {k-}{8th-}{4-} for an eight-seven, and Glaser tossed his cards in the direction of the filth.

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