Bingle, Lish make a safer Spokane

Elections result in either those who ignored the representation of their constituents cleaning the house or keeping those who do a good representation job. Too many people come into office who don’t represent voters as promised and go straight to their agenda. They weren’t listening or interested in real, workable solutions. This is how “agendas” work.

The city of Spokane has the option to elect Jonathan Bingle and Mike Lish to the city council. We need a better, safer inner city and workable policies. You have that rare combination of common sense and valuable experience! Bingle and Lish provide much-needed balance where little was available.

Please vote wisely for Rod Higgins and Pam Haley in the Valley City Council Race, who have always been on the taxpayer’s side (less tax and less government). Please keep them! We need their common sense and their demonstrated commitment to their constituents. Another candidate for election is Laura Padden, with her passion for freedom and true representation of the people. Their expertise, common sense, and thoughtful problem solving are urgently needed.

I am pleased to put my name behind these excellent candidates. Vote well – it matters what government we will live under. These candidates value spending money with WISELY. Priceless! You deserve your vote.

Lindstrand alone


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