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So we just had a choice. Have you voted and are you satisfied with the result? You can influence the policies and direction of Everett City Council. Always looking for input from the community, they have many advisory boards and councils that local volunteers need. There are currently many opportunities to get involved in a variety of roles and with different interests.

“This is a great opportunity to get involved and have a voice in the work that is being done in our community,” said Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin. “I look forward to adding a variety of perspectives to our boards and commissions to ensure that our plans and priorities best reflect those of our residents and promote the quality of life in our city as a whole.”

The openings include:

  • Board of Parks Commission: advises on park planning, project development, community engagement, community administration and volunteering. The members have a six-year term of office.
  • Citizens’ Advisory Board: encourages community participation and makes recommendations on the funding of federal, state, and local funds given to community organizations, and oversees Everett’s five-year consolidated plan and one-year annual plan of action. The members have a six-year term of office.
  • Public Service Commission: oversees the administration of specific regulations related to employment in the city, such as B. the classification of many city workers. The members have a term of office of two to six years.
  • Diversity Advisory Board: advises the mayor on issues and activities in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. The members have a term of office of two to four years.
  • Everett Housing Authority Board: governs the Everett Housing Authority and is responsible for setting guidelines for the authority and appointing the Executive Director.
  • Historical Commission: advises the city on conservation issues, including nominating properties to the Everett Register of Historic Places, reviewing state and national register nominations, and approving projects for “special valuation” tax benefits. The members have a six-year term of office.
  • Library Board: administers the Everett Public Library. The directors serve for a five-year term and each member serves as president for their fifth year of service.
  • Tax Advisory Board for Accommodation: examines proposed changes to the accommodation tax rate, tax exemptions and the use of the tax for tourism promotion, the acquisition and operation of tourism-related facilities and other uses permitted under state law. The members have a four-year term of office.
  • Transport Advisory Board: advises the city on transport services, long-distance transport planning and traffic safety planning. The members have a six-year term of office.

Interested volunteers can complete an application on the city’s website at the City of Everett Boards and Commissions. Paper applications can be sent to Nichole Webber at. be requested [email protected] or 425-257-7119. Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. December 6, 2021 and will be reviewed by Mayor Franklin, who will make recommendations to Everett City Council.

It may not take as much time as you think. It’s an excellent way to meet your parishioners, have an actual say, and participate in your elected local government.

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