Anti-maskers harass children after Tucker calls Carlson for action

“Maybe people should stay and fight and take back the schools that are ours. You are ours. “

Tucker Carlson said that on Tuesday evening in front of millions of viewers. It was the most recent episode of the Fox News host’s month-long crusade against school mask mandates that included multiple calls for concerned Americans to crack down on the “madmen” who require children to wear face covers in the classroom.

Whether or not they were directly inspired by Carlson’s relentless demonization of measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 and those who enforce them, anti-Vaxxers are doing a great deal. Yes, they wild-eyed let loose of hell at school board meetings, but more and more of them are now carrying the fight into schools themselves, just as Carlson suggested.

The perpetrators include violent extremist groups such as the Proud Boys – who attempted to gain access to a school campus in Vancouver, Washington during an anti-mask protest in September, resulting in a lockdown – and coalitions of sign-bearing activists such as the one who molested parents and their children on their way to an elementary school in Beverly Hills, California, Wednesday, less than 24 hours after Carlson called for the need for direct action.

A group of anti-vaccine / anti-vaccine mandate activists protested today on Walk to School Day in Beverly Hills. Protesters followed Mayor Bob Wunderlich from the community center to Hawthorne Elementary School and had heated exchanges with parents.

– Samuel Braslow (@SamBraslow) October 6, 2021

The woman in red harassing the mother who walks hand in hand with her child is Shiva Bagheri, founder of the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally, a group that defines itself as the “nexus for citizens who advocate freedom and civic engagement “, designated.

“You should choose what goes in your child’s face and in your child’s body,” Bagheri said outside of school on Wednesday. “This is rape. This rape. They are trying to rape our children with this poison. They will rape their lives. “

Just days before the Los Angeles march, activists in New York transferred their anger directly to school children. Curtis Orwell of the anti-Vaxx group NYC Freedom Fighters posted a video last week of him and at least one other protester harassing young students through a fence. “Children, take off your mask. Breathe in fresh oxygen, ”Orwell says in the video. “That cannot be taken for granted. It is not normal. Children, we need to see full faces. Take off your mask. Take it off. Pull it out.”

Orwell and the other protester continued harassing school children who had gathered outside until two adults approached from the other side of the fence to film them. Orwell called one of them a pedophile, and both he and the other protester yelled that putting masks on children was “child abuse”.

The idea that putting masks on children constitutes “child abuse” is a catchy message that can resonate with concerned parents. Where did the idea come from? It’s hard to say, but it was certainly pushed into the mainstream by Tucker Carlson.

“Your reaction when you see children wearing masks while playing shouldn’t be any different from your reaction when you see someone beating a child in Walmart,” he said in April. “Call the police immediately, contact the child protection service. Keep calling until someone comes. What you see is abuse, it is child abuse, and you have a moral obligation to try to prevent it. “

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