American gymnast Jordan Chiles cried for joy when BFF Simone Biles returned her bronze medal at the Olympics

Jordan Chiles (left) and Simone Biles pose for a picture. AP Photo / Ashley Landis

After overcoming mental health problems and a case of “The Twisties,” Simone Biles returned to the sport’s biggest stage for one final appearance at the Tokyo Olympics.

Third place in the balance beam final on Tuesday gave the 24-year-old what is probably the most impressive of the seven medals she has collected in her Olympic career. But aside from the bronze itself, it felt like the whole world was glowing with pride thanks to Biles’ incredible strength and perseverance.

Simone Biles after her Olympic balance beam training in Tokyo.

Gallen. AP Photo / Natacha Pisarenko

But maybe no one was more overjoyed than Biles’ best friend and teammate Jordan Chiles.

The 20-year-old member of “The Fighting Four” from Team USA – who also trains with Biles at the World Champions Center in Spring, Texas – was in the stands on Tuesday when the most highly decorated female athlete in her sport was her last event in Tokyo finished.

Galle did it, and she was beaming.

Chiles was moved to tears.

The Vancouver, Washington native wrote a note to her best friend and posted it on Twitter.

“Pride is an understatement,” she wrote. “You did that, I love you so much that I literally hollowed my eyes out because I’m so happy for you!”

Biles and Chiles have both returned to the States as all of the artistic gymnastics events in Tokyo have ended. While Biles originally intended to end her competitive career with these games, recent comments suggest that she is “leaving the door open” for a Paris Olympic return in 2024.

Chile, meanwhile, will enroll at UCLA – where the Bruins have one of the best gymnastics programs in the country – later this year.

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