#333: The Mindset Needed to Level up Your Firm, with Kelly Street


# 333: The Mindset Required to Improve Your Business With Kelly Street

Lab coaches Kelly Street and Stephanie Everett share their best tips and insights to improve your business for greater success.


# 332: The Modern Lawyer: Ethics and Technology, with Megan Zavieh

Lawyer, author and lawyerist lab alumna Megan Zavieh shares with us what it means to be a modern lawyer and the role of ethics and …


# 331: The Small Business Roadmap with Sam Glover

We’re playing an older episode where Lawyerist co-founder Sam Glover and Stephanie Everett talk about the book they wrote together, The Small Firm …


# 330: Team building with Maryellen Stockton

Maryellen Stockton, remote work expert and lab coach, talks to us about your next steps after hiring and training an employee. If…


# 329: How Property Controls Our Lives, with Michael Heller & James Salzman

The authors and professors Michael Heller & James Salzman talk to us about the rules of property in our lives and what role lawyers play …


# 328: Get to Inbox Zero with Trivinia Barber

The author, speaker and business coach Trivinia Barber talks to us about the fight against our emails to get to inbox zero.