Wolf Pack: Everett’s Ram Vision, Explained

In Wolf Pack’s premiere, Everett Lang’s vision of a ram holds symbolic importance, but it also may contain clues to the series’ overarching mystery.

Wolf Pack: Everett's Ram Vision, Explained

The following article contains spoilers for Wolf Pack Season 1, Episode 1, “From a Spark to a Flame,” now streaming on Paramount+.

In the Wolf Pack season premiere, a wildfire serves as the inciting incident for all the werewolf series’ big mysteries. As Everett Lang prepares to flee from the fire and a stampede of panicked, burning animals, he sees a burning ram standing calmly in the distance with large bloody marks on its side. Everett later has a vision of the ram in the hospital when unconscious after he was asked by the werewolf.

While the ram might seem to be a minor part of the stampede and Everett Lang’s werewolf journey, the ram may actually be key in uncovering the truth about the werewolf and possibly the wildfire. The ram holds symbolic significance in the series because he represents the ecological impact of the wildfire on wildlife, and he also connects the wildfire to the werewolf. However, Everett’s ram vision might also indicate that the werewolf who bit him is not a stranger and may be hiding in plain sight.

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Wolf Pack’s Ram Connects the Fire’s Ecological Effects and the Werewolf

While the werewolf stalking Everett and Blake is horrifying, the wildfire itself has a far reaching impact ecologically. The opening stampede represents the chaos that a wildfire can bring to the natural world. As multiple animals flee from the fire, they wreak havoc on the people trapped on the highway. Most of the episodes’ goriest moments do not come from the werewolf; instead they are caused by the hooves and horns of deer as they desperately try to get to safety.

As chaotic and deadly as the stampede is, the premiere also reminds the audience that the animals were not acting out of malice. Instead, they were acting out of fear as they fielded the fire. The rest of the premiere focuses on how the wildfire devastated local communities, mainly through Blake Navarro and her family, but the stampede and the ram show that the forests and wildlife of LA county also were deeply affected by the fires as well.

Amidst the stampede, the ram stands calmly, even though it’s on fire. The bloody marks on the ram’s side likely are from the werewolf’s claws. Thus, the ram represents both the wildfire and the wolf’s rampage. By connecting these two elements within the ram, the series shows that both the wildfire and the werewolf are a threat to the forests in addition to being a threat to the local communities. The ram also becomes the first sign that the wildfire and the werewolf may be connected and share a common starting point.

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Everett’s Vision Shows the Werewolf May Be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A burning ram in the midst of a wildfire on Wolf Pack

The ram might also be connected with Wolf Pack’s main supernatural mystery and upcoming twist. Later, when Everett is in the hospital, he has a dream or a vision that the ram is in the hospital bed next to his. As Everett watches in horror, he sees the werewolf claw through the ram’s stomach. While this vision could just be a nightmare caused by the trauma of the fire and the werewolf bite, the doctor’s statement that Everett is “more lucid” might indicate that his visions are allowing him to see the symbolic truth behind mystery.

Everett’s later shared visions with Blake indicate that Everett’s ram vision might also hold supernatural significance. The werewolf’s emergence from the ram in the vision could be a warning that the werewolf is now stalking Everett and Blake, as a phone call from the mysterious stranger later confirms.The vision also could reveal more about the werewolf itself. The werewolf clawing his way from the ram represents how the werewolf that bit Everett used the cover of the stampede to enact its attacks. However, the werewolf’s violent emergence from the ram also could indicate that the werewolf is a monster in sheep’s clothing and someone Everett has met before.

The ram is therefore a literal representation of the fire and the werewolf’s destruction, but Everett’s later vision of the ram could be key in revealing the werewolf’s true identity. As Everett and Blake begin to uncover the identity of the werewolf who bit them, they will need to be wary of who else they trust. The werewolf, like the arsonist, could be a familiar person who’s ready to pounce at any moment.

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