Winter Everett Stuns As A Blonde Bombshell

The Family Chantel is returning for Season 3 on October 11th. So it only makes sense that Winter Everett is getting ready for the big premiere. She has already worked on getting in shape and now she has pushed her makeover up with a fresh hairstyle. Winter looks better than ever and definitely feels like it.

Winter’s The Family Chantel Evolution

Photo credit: Winter Everrett Instagram

Winter finds it difficult to stand in the shadow of her sister Chantel. She always thought Chantel was so beautiful. Winter got the impression that she hated having a “big sister”. At one point, Winter considered doing weight loss surgery even after losing fifty pounds. Since Chantel was tall and thin, she just believed Winter had to train harder, but it wasn’t that easy.

Viewers met Chantel and her now husband Pedro during the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé. They met when she was on a trip to the Dominican Republic. She would continue to visit him and eventually he suggested. When he got to America, the real excitement set in, including their families. Winter was a specialty.

She recently showed her new killer character on Instagram. She modeled workout clothes, but also a lot of confidence, which she has been looking for for years. Her followers couldn’t help but share words of encouragement: “You look great, winter! Keep it up!” Now she has taken it to the next level and looks even more confident and wild.

The winter continues to shine

She feels obvious enough to pose in workout clothes and cute little clothes. Now is the time for new hair. The brunette beauty decided to lighten her locks to a strawberry / gold blonde. The occasion? Apparently to commemorate her birthday. Winter posted a photo in a strapless ballerina dress by Fuschia, a tiara and much lighter loose waves posing in front of a Mercedes Benz. She titled it “Birthday Queen”.

Photo credit: Winter Everett IGPhoto credit: Winter Everett IG

Her followers couldn’t help but notice how amazing she looked. “Happy birthday, wonderful !! ”wrote one. The birthday messages kept coming along with the compliments. Another added: “You look AMAZING !!!! Happy birthday!!!!!”

It will be exciting to see how her transformation develops in the coming season. However, the previews have already shown that this is going to be a season viewers won’t want to miss. Pedro is accused of cheating by his own sister. She loves to make a scene and that’s exactly what she does in front of the whole family. Finally the cops are called and who knows what will follow.

Don’t miss out on winter when The Family Chantel returns to TLC on October 11th.

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