West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE PETS: Bernese Mountain Dog in your household?

That’s it Obi Wan the Bernese Mountain Dog, whose people have noticed more like him around the peninsula, so they’re organizing a meetup. Here’s the announcement:

Calling all West Seattle Bernese Mountain Dogs – Meetup!

DATE: Saturday, July 30, 2022
TIME: 11:00am – 1:00pm
LOCATION: Westcrest Dog Park
BRING: Yourself and your doggo

We are West Seattle residents, and the proud new owners of a Bernese Mountain Dog (Obi Wan – now 1 year old). We are noticing a lot of Berners when we go for walks! We would like to form a West Seattle BMD group for playdates and perhaps other events.

Hope to see you there!
Obi (and family)