West Seattle Blog… | GRATITUDE: West Seattle shelter’s ‘call for help’ answered, dozens kept warm

(WSB photo, December)

The snow has melted and the temperature has risen into the 50s. The only emergency shelter in West Seattle has closed its doors for the time being. The operator would like to share these words of thanks:

To all of the true neighbors of the West Seattle community – thank you for your quick and generous support of the call for help American Legion Post 160 and West Seattle Veteran Center Cold shelter. With your donations and your help, we were able to stay open during the cold season to help more than 50 people in their need. This is a voluntary grassroots operation and it is only possible through your generosity.

With the temperatures in the 40s and 50s, the animal shelter has now ceased operations. We will be ready to reopen if necessary. Winter is not over yet. Thanks very much.

Keith Hughes, commandant
West Seattle American Legion Post 160
President, West Seattle Veteran Center

As mentioned here in our coverage last month, the only city help to the shelter was a promise to cover the electricity bills. Community members donated everything from cribs to groceries to socks, as well as volunteer hours.