West Seattle Blog… | FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Bridge trouble spot remains a mystery

(SDOT camera image, October 25)

While asking SDOT Some other questions we inquired today about the most-recent checks of the westbound West Seattle Bridge where it meets the ramp from southbound Highway 99, scene of multiple crashes a few weeks back, and other reports of loss of some vehicle control at that spot . SDOT had said that it would use lane closures last week to investigate further. So we asked what, if anything, they found. spokesperson Mariam Ali replied, “We did a closer look when we did night work last week. Everything looks in good shape. We will continue to monitor the area after each request.” (Here’s our report on their first “closer look” in October.) So if you have trouble in that spot, be sure to report it to SDOT, even if a crash doesn’t result – here’s how.