West Seattle Blog… | CORONAVIRUS: Sunday 6/13/2021 roundup, including our weekly West Seattle trend check

The pandemic notes tonight with a maximum of 17 days to fully reopen:

LATEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: From King County Daily summary dashboard Page:

* 111,106 people tested positive, 55 more than the day before

* 1,615 people died, unchanged from the day before

* 6,272 people were hospitalized, 1 more than the day before

A week ago these three sums were 110.338 / 1.602 / 6.228.

WEST SEATTLE TRENDS: Sunday is the night we review these numbers, which are displayed in two-week increments on the Geography Over Time tab of the statewide dashboard for the daily summary. For WS status, we combine the totals from the “Health Reporting Areas” (HRAs) of West Seattle and Delridge: For the last two weeks, 46 positive test results; 75 in the 2 weeks before; 118 in the two weeks before. … We also record two more statistics from West Seattle every week. The total number of deaths for the entire pandemic in the two HRAs that comprise West Seattle: 69, no additional deaths since last week’s review. And a look at hospital admissions: Since the pandemic began, a total of 196 people have been assigned to the peninsula’s two HRAs, with one coming this week.

NATIONAL NUMBERS: See them here (but again, note that there was no update this weekend).

WORLDWIDE FIGURES: 175.9 million cases and 3,803,000+ deaths, nearly 600,000 of them in the US – see the breakdown by nation here

SCHOOL VACCINE CLINICS: Three this week that the district says students and family members are welcome, first or second shots: Denny International Middle School on Tuesday and Friday, Madison Middle School on Tuesday.

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