‘We feared losing him.’ Shoreham family grateful for heart transplant that saved son’s life

Jun 29, 2022, 9:32pmUpdated 11m ago

By: News 12 Staff

A Shoreham boy has a second chance at life after a lifesaving heart transplant.

Everett Cotter was hooked up to machines in the hospital with a rare heart condition just six months ago.

His diagnosis came two years after his sister, Ruby, was diagnosed with the same heart condition – and received a heart transplant for Christmas.

“We feared losing him,” says Brian Cotter, Everett’s father.

Doctors placed a Jarvik Heart – or artificial heart – in then 11-month Everett and the wait for a donor heart began.

“It’s hard to hope for it, it’s hard to pray for it because you know what your kid needs to live – it’s what is going to be the worst day for another family,” Brian Cotter says.

Everett received a heart transplant on June 11 and came home two weeks later.

While the Cotters are relieved to be together as a family again, they say the donors’ families who gave Ruby and Everett a second chance at life are always in their thoughts.

“We love them,” Brian Cotter says. “We hope they can live their life and find some peace that their child saved ours.”

The Cotters also say the outpouring of community support helped get them through their son’s hospitalization.