Vancouver Police Department Completes Testing and Evaluation of First Camera Platform –

On December 29, the project manager, working with the testing committee, determined that the group had collected enough data to evaluate this provider

VANCOUVER – On December 8, 2021, Vancouver Police Department began the testing and evaluation (T&E) process with a camera manufacturer to evaluate their body and vehicle camera platform. Ten officers were equipped with body cameras and six vehicles with a dashboard and a rear cabin camera. The department initially made 60 days available for T&E with the seller.

During the month of December, members of the Vancouver Police Department assessed body and in-car cameras. Photo by Paul Valencia

On December 29, 2021, the project manager, working with the review committee, determined that the group had collected enough data to evaluate this provider. The Request For Proposal (RFP) committee, made up of two community representatives, met to review the T&E report and a decision was made to complete the T&E for that vendor and issue a new RFP, the changed requirements based on the information obtained from the most recent T&D process. All devices have been separated and packaged for return to seller on December 29, 2021.

Four Vancouver police officers were involved in a shooting on Sunday (January 9). None of the officers involved were part of the camera T&E test group and none of their vehicles were equipped with cameras.

“We understand that quoting and testing processes take time, but these are extremely important steps in helping the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department find and implement the right camera platform with the features, functionality and support they need. to meet the needs and expectations of. to meet the department and the community, “said Vancouver Police Chief James McElvain. “While we strive to get a system up and running as quickly as possible, we need to make sure we are making the right choice, not just the quick choice.”

For more information on the Vancouver Police Department’s camera project, visit: Vancouver Police Camera Study | City of Vancouver, Washington, USA

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