Twin-turbo C8 Corvette sets a nine-second-quarter-mile record

The record for the fastest C8 Corvette on the quarter mile was broken.

Extreme Turbo Systems, a tuner based in Vancouver, Washington, recently set a quarter mile of 9.05 seconds at 159 mph while testing a customer car, beating Emelia Hartford’s previous record in June 2021.

According to a video posted Tuesday by Extreme Turbo Systems’ YouTube channel, the C8 in question is equipped with the store’s twin-turbo kit, which uses two Precision Turbo PT6466 turbochargers, a water-to-air intercooler, an improved fuel system new intake manifold and a MoTeC control unit to ensure that all new parts work well together. The company is also developing a heavy-duty clutch kit for the C8, a prototype of which was used in this car. There’s no word on metrics, but the description of the video mentions that this was the first C8 to break the 1000hp mark on a test bench.

Extreme Turbo Systems’ C8 time of 9.05 at 159 mph is 0.31 seconds faster and 12 mph faster than Hartford’s best run. The tuning company says they will try to break into the eight-second range soon; We can’t wait to see how far this platform can be taken.

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