Trees full of SWAG show that local students are always rooted in Spokane

Organizations like “Strong Women Achieving Greatness” or SWAG help students to pursue their goals. SWAG founder Jaime Stacy started this organization to empower the young women of Rogers High School, Gray Middle School, and Shaw Middle School. On June 4th, Jaime’s birthday, a tree was planted in her honor.

The Perkins Pink Yellowwood tree stands tall in Hays Park. It can grow up to 30 meters high. Jaime says the tree is a reminder that the girls will always have their roots in Spokane. Not only does it show how far the girls have come, but it also represents where they are going.

“On this tree our hopes and dreams are written, and as far as the branches grow to heaven; it carries our hopes and dreams with it, ”said Jaime.

We walked around the tree to read some of the dreams that were hanging on the tree.

“They are from the young women here. “I want to make it into the league and make my mother happy.” He says: ‘I want to become a doctor.’ “

“’My dream is to help the children in my country who have no education.’ “It is my wish to achieve what my ancestors couldn’t.” Jaime read.

The strong young women of SWAG achieve great things and 10 of them will graduate on Sunday evening, June 13th, in the Riverfront Park pavilion.

Jaime will be hosting her second virtual conference later this year and all information will be on her website.

To volunteer, donate or work with SWAG, you can also visit their website.

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