Top 5 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants in Vancouver, Washington | Restaurant Review

This list is based on prior customer reviews.


5. Zabu Chicken

If you also believe that nothing is better than a plate of Korean fried chicken and entirely chilled beer, this restaurant is for you. They serve incredibly and authentic Korean fried chicken. Almost every country in the world is in love with this special type of fried chicken.

4. Church’s Fried Chicken

This restaurant has been serving people of the USA with their simple fried chicken recipe for more than 65 years. In 65 years, it has gained so much respect that now it is also available in some regions of Canada. It implies that this is one of those few fried chicken brands that are loved by Canada and the USA simultaneously.

3. Nightingale

Buttermilk is one of those meals that are irresistible, especially when you smell its aroma. You can get the best buttermilk fried chicken with pickles, spiced maple syrup, etc. This meal is one of those few fried chicken dishes that can make you eat them with a fork and knife. So, grab them and enjoy.


Trans-fat free oil makes one of the best fried chicken in the town without any frozen ingredients.

1. Juke Fried Chicken

Juke restaurant is one of those in the town that has been changing its menu from time to time. But some things always remain the same. And in the case of this restaurant, these things are their special signature gluten-free fried chicken, ribs, and sides. These things make this restaurant the best in the city.