This Seattle chocolatier is making fancy chocolate more fun

ChocolateSpiel means chocolate game in German – and that’s exactly what owner Angi Pfleiderer does. Play with chocolate! # k5abend

SEATTLE – If Seattle has a Willy Wonka, it’s Angi Pfleiderer. Because their work is pure fantasy.

“In 2016 my husband and I moved to Seattle,” says Pfleiderer. “And back in Germany I used to work as a chemical engineer.”

After arriving in the US, Pfleiderer couldn’t get a work permit for a while – so she filled her time with chocolate tours around Seattle. And she noticed something interesting on one of the tours. One of the machines she used to make chocolate was similar to the ones she used in her old job as a chemical engineer.

“I was just with my resume in hand to ask them if they were looking for someone to hire for the new factory of their own business in 2019.”

Talk about an upward move. Now she runs her ChocolateSpiel business.

“Spiel is the German word for game or game,” says Pfleiderer. “I just love to play with different colors, designs, of course, with different ingredients, different flavors. I make my chocolate from scratch, so I also love to play with different cocoa origins. “

Game is also a Yiddish term for a long story or speech that you’ll want to move on to after seeing these chocolates – bold colors and playful designs. The color is coconut butter and food-safe dyes, and Pfleiderer gets creative with their designs. She uses an airbrush and a toothbrush!

Don’t worry, the toothbrush is only for chocolate. Never for teeth.

It’s not just the color that differs from the chocolate. Pfleiderer makes its pralines “bean to bar”. That means, she roasts the cocoa beans, cracks them, washes them, refines them … you get the essentials. It’s a lot of work, but Pfleiderer stands for quality. And the color isn’t just for fun.

“There’s a whole chocolate bar industry here in the US,” says Pfleiderer. “I love it, it’s awesome. But it can be pretty serious and intimidating.

Fun fact! Pfleiderer also has her own YouTube page, Angi Learns how to Make Chocolate, on which she describes all the difficulties and difficulties involved in making chocolate. You can check it out right here.

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