The Seattle Sounders are Immortal

We’ve all been told to be careful what we post on the internet because it never goes away. In this case, that is a good thing because we can relive Wednesday, May 4, 2022 forevermore. Below we have gathered some of our favorite posts on social media since the final whistle of the biggest game in Seattle Sounders FC history. These memories, like the 2022 Seattle Sounders, are immortal.

The march to the match.

Chad Marshall leads the crowd in “Scarves Up”.

Goal #1 from the stands. Celebrations with Defiance and Sounders Academy.

Goal #2 from the stands.

File these ones in your “Good Guy, Raul” folder .

Goal #3 and celebrations. chills

Remember the name. Best MLS acquisition.


Standing ovation and Raul, Nico and JMo soaking it all in together.

Watched the rerun on FS2 and got to see what the substitution of Raúl, Nico, and Jordan was like on TV. I don’t think there’s ever been a better moment to appreciate them like this. Absolutely incredible.

(Props to @stuholden for the excellent commentary to go along with it.)

— Chris Schroeppel (@chrissschroeppel) May 7, 2022

FOX Soccer reminds the Sounders to bow to no one.

Nouhou was caught ordering teriyaki.

Andrew Wiebe was excited.

Schmetz feeling f—king awesome

This man, who’s from Seattle, just guided his hometown team that he used to play for to an international championship that named the club the top team in this region of the globe, and put them on the world stage with the best of planet earth. It’s a fairy tale. Photo: @JAMorenoPR

— Jackson Felts (@JacksonBFelts) May 5, 2022

Marshawn Lynch gets a S/O from Fox Soccer.

Family of Champions

Coach’s response.

Trophy lift with ECS.

Kelyn Rowe channels team owner, Macklemore. LikkitP makes it a meme.

Thank God for Chad Marshall’s Lucky Socks.

Kelyn Rowe makes a young Sounders fan’s night, year and life, I assume.

Frei brings ECS the trophy.

Kasey Keller addresses ECS post game.

Nico and Leandro celebrating with ECS.

Will Bruin thumbs up.

Xavi and his kid soak it in.

A word from Adrian.

Nouhou with ECS (and a baby).

Crowned by CONCACAF.

Bookmark this for an inevitable rainy Seattle day and please add any we may have missed to the comments!

Eternal Blue, Forever Green. See you at the Club World Cup.