The hunt for momentum. Will this be the week that Montreal wins twice in a row? – The athlete

In 21 games this season, the Montreal Canadiens have shown their inability to keep the momentum going from game to game.

Although he nearly lost a five-goal lead on Saturday, a 6-3 win over the Nashville Predators could have served as a starting point to finally put together a winning streak.

Let’s forget about the tiny chances they might have of making the playoffs, the locker room would surely have benefited from winning for the first time in a row this year – less than a week after Tyler Toffoli and Josh Anderson did and made his teammates responsible to dig out of the hole they are in.

Instead, the Canadiens found themselves at the wrong end after a 6-3 defeat against the Washington Capitals. For the fourth time this season, the Canadiens allowed five or more goals in the next game after a win – with one defeat, of course.

The lonely time in which the Canadiens would not allow a handful of goals after a win, they lost in overtime against the Red Wings – a team they had defeated twice before their OT defeat.

The Montreal Canadiens didn’t play in clean health, but so did the Capitals, who missed Nicklas Backstrom, and