The Family Chantel: Update As Chantel Everett And Pedro Jimeno Have Split After Pedro Filed For Divorce

Although many fans did not think the former 90 Day couple, Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett, would stay together for long, the recent divorce rumors still come as a shock, and many wonder what could have gone so wrong as to lead to a complete split up

Chantel Everett And Pedro Jimeno Go Their Separate Ways

Chantel and Pedro fell in love almost when they met in the Dominican Republic for the first time. Even though they were in a long-distance relationship, they were able to stay in love with each other. When did things go wrong then? Chantel’s family began to meddle in the couple’s relationship, and this was the beginning of their issues. Also, Pedro found out some harsh realities about his family, and it affected his marriage.

The Family Chantel Couple, Chantel Everett And Pedro Jimeno Have Split After Pedro Filed For Divorce

All of a sudden, his attitude towards his wife changed and he stopped regarding or respecting her. At a point, Chantel told her husband that she wanted “the old Pedro back” as it was clear things had gone south between them. Many viewers believed that the couple staged their drama for their spinoff—The Family Chantel.

However, the latest reports prove that the couple has reached a point where they can’t fix their issues anymore. Pedro filed for divorce on May 27 and, as per the revealed paperwork, the couple had filed for a mutual restraining order. Pedro also described his marriage as an “irretrievably broken” one.

The report also showed that an emergency motion was filed, which the judge declined, and that a hearing would be scheduled later to address the issues. Pedro accused Chantel of taking more than $200,000 from him, and he demanded that it be returned. According to him, he and Chantel had ended their relationship in April, and just five days before their separation, she transferred a sum of $257,000 to an account in her and her sister’s name.

He then requested that their marital property be split equally between them. Although it is not clear yet what could have led to their separation, many fans think Pedro has found someone else that he loves or that he now earns more than Chantel.