St. George’s Put-in on Little Spokane River temporarily closed due to flooding

The St. George’s Put-in on the Little Spokane River is closed following flooding.

“Once the water recedes we will reopen the area,” said Lara Gricar, a spokeswoman for Washington State Parks and Recreation.

Kayakers and other river users can put-in at the Indian Painted Rock trailhead.

The Little Spokane River Natural Area is a 1,500-acre preserve along a river that would otherwise be off-limits to the public.

In 1900, the Washington Supreme Court ruled the Little Spokane River to be non-navigable. That gave property owners the right to stop public use of the river where it flows through their land.

Former Spokane County Parks Director Sam Angove, along with the late river residents Morey and Margaret Haggin and others, secured the natural area for public use in 1985. Per the natural areas rules swimming, drinking and other activities are prohibited in an effort to “conserve a unique natural environment.”

The county eventually transferred management authority to Riverside State Park. A Washington Discover Pass is required in vehicles parking at Little Spokane River access sites, including the St. George’s put-in and the Highway 291 takeout.