SPONSORED: Seattle Public Schools announces three-year contract with Zum

SPONSORED – In the midst of a national bus and truck driver shortage, Seattle Public Schools just announced a three-year contract with a brand-new company to the Pacific Northwest to assist with their student transportation: Zum.

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, Zum has been selected to provide school transportation to Seattle Public Schools alongside with First Student. Zum is a Silicon Valley-based company committed to modernizing school transportation. Zum is a tech company solving the problems riddling student transportation: route inefficiency, diesel exhaust and one-size-fits-all buses which can’t always accommodate needs such as wheelchairs.

Zum’s promise is to rapidly increase bus route efficiency using end-to-end cloud technology to optimize route mapping in real time. Zum uses data on student location, traffic and school schedules to make sure each bus is getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. Zum has found these changes save students up to 20% time spent on the road. Less time waiting means a more efficient schedule for parents, students, and teachers.

Zum’s buses are equipped with technology to allow parents to track their children’s bus route on an app or computer in real time, with automated alerts. If a student is sick, a parent can easily update the Zum app and Zum will reroute the bus to the next pickup location. Parents can see precisely when the bus is approaching so as to minimize wait times and spend less time on the street and in the rain.

The buses themselves are changing too, as Zum has committed to having an all-electric fleet by 2025. As of this case, Zum is 100% carbon neutral. For every 100 EV buses, that’s over 11,000 metric tons of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere. Zum also incorporates sedans, vans, and SUV’s into their fleet, overcoming the inefficient one-size-fits-all model for specific routes and student needs.

Zum also pays their bus drivers well, while offering paid training to become a school bus driver. Benefits including medical and a pension are offered to Zum Drivers in Seattle. Anyone interested in career paths involving safety, maintenance, and operations should take a serious look at the opportunities provided by Zum.

Are you interested in an opportunity to join Zum Services as a certified school bus driver? Zum is hiring now in Seattle. Apply today and schedule a same day interview at SeattleBusDriver.com or call 760-DRIVEUP.

Zum is Seattle’s partner in safe, sustainable school transportation for all Seattle Public School students.