Spokane’s No-Li Brewhouse featured on Nasdaq Board in Times Square for National IPA Day

In honor of National IPA Day on Thursday Spokane’s award-winning No-Li Brewhouse was featured on New York’s Times Square Nasdaq Board.

In the past 10 years, No-Li Brewhouse has accumulated 93 international medals in Germany, England, Belgium the United States, Mexico, Japan, and Australia, making them one of the leading breweries in the world and a Spokane landmark.

“Spokane is a big, small town with a lot of great breweries, and legitimately we won the most medals in the world in the last two-plus years,” John Bryant, the owner of No-Li Brewhouse, said.

Bryant wanted to put Spokane on the map, but acknowledged that the best way to do something with an identifiable international landmark: Seattle.

The 15-second-long graphic displayed eight stories high in Times Square, projects eye-catching Seattle landmarks, such as the space-needle, the Seattle Great Wheel, and T-Mobile Park.

These anchoring landmarks are then swept off the screen and replaced by graphics of Spokane’s downtown area including the Clocktower and US Pavilion.

International competition is tricky because of sometimes monthslong shipping delays, but No-Li has still beat competing international brands with geographic advantages.

“When you buy a No-Li brand in a grocery store, those are the exact same beers that are traveling to these international contests,” Bryant said. “We have to make beer, that’s awesome on Day One, and awesome on Month Four.”

Five Tier marketing reached out to No-Li just weeks ago asking if the company would be interested in working with Nasdaq for the National IPA Day .

“It’s such a statement for the greatness of Spokane. I mean, this is a pretty epic day,” Bryant said.