Spokane Puts Final Touches on $2.5 Million Plan to Help Young Homeless | Local

Spokane County is putting the finishing touches on a plan to help young adults who have aged out of the foster care system, domestic violence survivors, displaced veterans and other vulnerable populations get into stable housing situations.

The county is seeking $2.5 million in federal dollars to enact the plan. Prior to submitting its proposal to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, officials are seeking approval from residents.

The final version will be posted later this week at spokeanecounty.org on the Community Services, Community Housing & Development page. Comments can be posted until 5 pm on Monday, Oct. 17

A public hearing will also take place at 2 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 18

If the county moves ahead with the plan, it will be submitted to HUD’s Region 10 office in Seattle for consideration.

“Our hope is that we get the plan to HUD in October so, if it is approved right away, we can get moving as soon as possible to help people before winter,” said Jeff McMorris, community engagement and policy advisor for the county.

He said HUD has $5 billion in American Rescue Plan dollars to distribute nationally to government entities for the HOME Investment Partnerships Program. He said these funds are separate from the $101 million in ARP stimulus revenue the county received last year and are to be used to fill gaps in housing services.

HOME funds can be used not only to provide housing – including purchase and development of non-congregate shelters – but support services that include rental assistance, he said.

HUD has announced that 651 state and local jurisdictions that qualify for the annual HOME Program allocation in 2021 are eligible for the new grants. Government entities receiving the funding are allowed to retain up to 15% for administrative and planning costs. In addition, 5% can be allocated to help Community Housing Development Organizations, nonprofit groups and homeless providers cover operating costs.