Spokane Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center is building new home

The Spokane-based Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center is building a new $ 1.5 million facility at 371 E. Fifth Avenue across from MultiCare Rockwood Clinic.

The center will move from its current location at 507 S. Washington St. to its new location in February, when construction is expected to be completed.

Prevention Center owner and founder Amy Doneen said the new building will have 3,600 square feet of medical office space.

It will also include a clinic and training center that will train providers from across the United States in the BaleDoneen method of cardiovascular treatment.

Dardan Enterprises Inc. of Post Falls is the contractor for the project, which is expected to be completed in February, and Indigo Diggs LLC of Spokane designed it, Doneen said.

Currently, Doneen, who has a doctorate in nursing, is the only full-time provider in the center.

She employs a part-time cardiologist, Dr. Pierre Leimgruber, who was an interventional cardiologist at four leading Spokane hospitals for 32 years.

“At the moment we are booked eight months for new patients, which is unfortunate,” said Doneen, who plans to hire two more providers in the new clinic.

The BaleDoneen Method, which was introduced at Spokane, is a way to use genetics and early disease and inflammation detection to identify people at risk for heart attack or stroke, Doneen said.

You and your partner Dr. Bradley Bale made their method their trademark in 2001.

Bale was a family doctor in Spokane when he and Doneen started working together 20 years ago.

He currently lives in Nashville but continues to work with Doneen.

You have written a new book called Healthy Heart, Healthy Brain, which will be published in February, coinciding with the completion of the new facility.

Doneen and Bale give 24 lectures per year in the USA and convey their method.

It’s a 17-hour medical education course certified by the American Academy of Family Practice, Doneen said.

“Spokane will be the hub,” said Doneen of the training center.

In addition to the two new providers, the center will have a multidisciplinary team including a nutritionist, a psychologist and an exercise physiologist.

The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center does not enter into any contracts with insurance companies.

An initial visit begins with a full file review, tests, labs, genetic testing, physical exam, and a four- to eight-hour one-on-one class session.

Doneen then creates a treatment plan and communicates with the patient’s health team.

The initial cost is $ 3,000, after which patients pay $ 250 per month.

“The perception is that when you are outside of the current medical model, you are only treating the elite,” said Doneen. “I’ve never turned anyone away for financial reasons.”

The center has a scholarship program that helps patients with costs, or they can donate time to a nonprofit community in exchange for care.

Doneen said the center’s revenue is developing positively, which has enabled its expansion.

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