Spokane 100 years ago: 2 convicted of “gas bombs” in non-union theaters

A casino theater manager told the court about the harmful effects of “gas bombs” (stink bombs) released by disgruntled union members in his theater.

“It was the most terrible smell I have ever smelled,” said the manager. “It brought tears to everyone’s eyes. When the bombs were released, crowds would pour out of the theaters and no new ones would come in. … I smelled the smell when I was in Post and Riverside, half a block from the Casino Theater. “

He said the receipts were broken in the days following the incident. That was the goal of the stink bombers trying to reduce the number of spectators in non-union theaters.

Two of the defendants were found guilty of conspiracy and sentenced to a $ 75 fine and charges. The alleged ringleader, known only as “Mr. Fischer of Seattle, ”was still at large, but an arrest warrant was issued against him. The trial against Eva Jury, whose confession solved the riddle, continued for 60 days so that she could testify against Mr. Fischer when he was arrested.

Attempts by the defense to “smash” the jury’s testimony were “unsuccessful”.

Hit from Northern Idaho: The North Idaho Chamber of Commerce has announced an ambitious new goal: to double the region’s population in 10 years.

The board noted that the region’s 10 wards were almost the size of New England, but northern Idaho’s population was only 110,000.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to convert deforested land into agriculture, reclaim swampland, build factories and revitalize the mining and timber industries.