Seattle’s Polyclinic pushes woke ‘anti-racist’ propaganda on patients

Polyclinic Madison Center. (Screengrab: KIRO 7 TV)

Seattle Polyclinic wants patients to be alert, progressive, and activist parents. The medical center proudly displays flyers describing how to be an “anti-racist parent”. However, they are not proud enough to answer basic questions about why the flyers are published.

The flyers list characteristics of “inclusive parents” on the one hand and “anti-racist parents” on the other. The flyer implies that being inclusive is not good enough; that patients need to take action and take specific, polyclinic-approved steps to teach their children to be progressive, racially obsessed activists.

The move is the latest we’ve seen of Seattle woke hospitals leaning towards politics and activism. In return, they only push away the patients who are supposedly important to them.

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For the Polyclinic, being inclusive is not good enough

Can’t you shake that guilty feeling? Are you suffering from pale skin? Do you have an obsessive need to teach your children that all people of color must be saved? The polyclinic has a simple diagnosis: white privilege! Like many local hospitals, the polyclinic doesn’t seem afraid to delve into activism.

The flyer states that an inclusive parent will “teach children that people are more important than skin color”. Inexplicably, the Flyer then argues to focus solely on the breed. It urges parents to “teach their children that skin color has a huge impact on how people see us”.

Thanks to the identity politics of the left, this has undoubtedly come true. It requires that you consider all whites as privileged and need all blacks as a white savior. It’s demeaning and racist.

The Polyclinic wants patients to be progressive activists. (Photo: Jason Rantz / KTTH)

Inclusive parents, according to the flyer, will “talk about privileges and what they mean”. But anti-racist parents will “give children contextual examples of their privilege, such as the ability to shop without compliance”. I hope the polyclinic treats black patients better than they put the retail and pharmacy in their medical center.

It is not good enough to “share films and shows with people of color with their children”. That is the integrative way! Much better? They should “use media to point out examples of racism and stereotypes”. Sounds like a fun night out, doesn’t it?

The Polyclinic’s flyer does not state the age at which parents should indoctrinate their children. Presumably, they should start as early as possible so that when their children visit their doctor at the polyclinic, they will be ready to answer any surprising questions their woken up doctor might ask.

What was the impetus for this flyer? What inspired the copy? A polyclinic spokesman ignored several email requests for comment.

Anti-racism actually includes racism

The term “anti-racist” does not mean that you are against racism; it means you are taking a number of specific left-wing actions to combat perceived racism.

To be an anti-racist, you have to adopt a fringe worldview that sees nothing but race. Ironically, the actions and ideas anti-racist activists would like to have are in fact racist.

The term has become mainstream thanks to the toxic work of Ibrim X. Kendi.

Kendi should be viewed as a weirdo. After all, the New Yorker once wrote a column claiming that white people used the AIDS virus to fight racial extinction.

His popularity – and his bank account – grew after the Black Lives Matter riots and rallies last summer.

Kendi’s book “How to be an Anti-Racist” received the support of vulnerable, guilty whites who wanted to atone for sins they had nothing to do with. So they bought his book in droves only to find out that he thinks capitalism is racist. It must have been confusing to the white progressives who bought the book on Amazon.

But they still read the poisonous book and learned that as an anti-racist you have to be a racist.

“The only remedy against racial discrimination is anti-racial discrimination. The only cure for past discrimination is discrimination today. The only cure for current discrimination is future discrimination, ”he writes.

I assume that it is asking too much to remove political and virtue signaling from medical care. But I guess I live in Seattle.

And while they blame the vaccine-resistant patients and beg them to listen to doctors, they ignore the fact that they are viewed as too political to be trustworthy.

– Jason Rantz on KTTH Radio (@jasonrantz) August 23, 2021

The effects are real

The Polyclinic isn’t the only hospital in Seattle that woke up.

Virginia Mason hangs a Black Lives Matter banner off her property. An employee also hung up a BLM poster at a patient admission station. Could you put out an America First or MAGA flyer?

Seattle Children’s Hospital has also leaned into the awakening, especially after a racism argument. Outwardly, however, the hospital is pushing progressive causes. They provide orientation for the so-called two-spirit gender, commit to dismantling “over-policing” and write really long memos full of progressive buzzwords.

These representations and commitments might please the awakened staff in these hospitals and clinics. It can even cause some excitement in the patient. Antifa radicals and BLM protesters also need doctors (e.g. therapists). But what about everyone else?

Can we go to a doctor’s office without being hit in the head with political statements from both sides of an issue? It is lost in the signaling of virtues and alertness when a hospital becomes too political, the patients will judge. And they will lose confidence. That has consequences for the real world.

Public health officials criticize how political vaccines and masks have become. But a quick stop at their offices and we’ll be bombarded with political messages. Who brings politics to healthcare?

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