Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he expects to be back with team in 2022

12:34 p.m. ET

  • Brady HendersonESPN

GLENDALE, Arizona – Amid speculation about his future with the Seattle Seahawks, coach Pete Carroll expressed his expectation on Sunday to be back on the team in 2022.

After the Seahawks ended their disappointing season with a 38:30 win over the Arizona Cardinals and finished with a 7-10 record, Carroll was asked if he questioned whether he would be part of the team’s future.

“No,” he said. “I’m in top form.”

The 70-year-old Carroll is under contract until the 2025 season after signing a five-year extension in 2020. But the Seahawks’ worst season in more than a decade has also fueled public speculation and uncertainty among members of the organization about whether or not he will be back, according to sources. The Seahawks’ 10 losses are the highest since 2009, the year before Carroll and General Manager John Schneider were hired.

Carroll, who has the final say on the team’s personnel decisions, reports to the owners as does Schneider. Jody Allen is the de facto owner of the team, and took on that role when her brother Paul Allen died in 2018.

Carroll was asked what his talks with Allen would be like in the coming days.

“As always,” said Carroll. “Really keen to figure things out. She’s very analytical and she wants to make sure we’re doing all we can to get everything right. She’s an incredibly complete person in that regard and she doesn’t want to leave no stone unturned.” That’s how I see it. I just feel so attached to the thought that we are doing this, but when your owner speaks like that, it’s a competitive perspective.

“It goes back to the old line that we had: we are relentlessly looking for a competitive advantage in everything we do. That’s it. That’s what it represents. So we’ll try to make a big contribution too.” Afford.” The task of exchanging information and setting the course so that we give ourselves the best chance of becoming champions. “

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Carroll stopped interviewing everyone when asked how she sees the team’s season going.

“I don’t know,” he said. “That’s it. I don’t talk about it anymore. She can speak for herself. She was with us the whole time. She was great. I won’t give you any inside information, OK? So don’t ask. “

Allen has not given media interviews since taking office, but has largely stayed out of the public eye.

Carroll’s 128 regular season and playoff wins are by far the most coach in Seahawks history. That includes the franchise’s only Super Bowl title. With 162 combined victories, he ranks 19th.

Details of his lengthy contract are not known, but it is believed that with an annual salary well in excess of $ 10 million, he is among the highest-paid coaches in the NFL. Head coach contracts are usually guaranteed, which means the Seahawks could be hooked for the nearly $ 50 million to stay on Carroll’s deal if he were fired, based on whether his deal has offsets and he was hired elsewhere.

The Seahawks’ season was marred by a finger injury to Russell Wilson that incapacitated the star quarterback for more than three games and appeared to affect his accuracy upon his return. They also went 2-5 in games decided by eight points or less, after hitting a combined 18-5 in those games for the past two seasons.

“We’ve been so close all season,” said Carroll. “The biggest difference that everyone went through was the close games that we didn’t win because we’ve been winning those games for years … that’s the whole season, that’s it. You can look at all the millions of things,” she said criticize this and that. It really went there, and there are reasons for it.

“Obviously we just didn’t finish the game when we had to and it was always such a big focus to show that we understand how to do it. It was really frustrating this year, a game and to have another. ” Game and one more thing. “

The Seahawks won four of their last six games, beating the lesser Houston Texans and Detroit Lions and the playoffs of the San Francisco 49ers and Cardinals. Carroll joked that there would be no parade for the Seahawks’ win over Arizona, an indication of how he had said the team treated those last two weeks like the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl.

“It’s really important,” he said of her strong finish. “It’s an important step. We had to react and feel right. Our boys know how to play. Unfortunately, it took too long.”