Seattle Is At $110k Median Income

This maybe why so many around the country think everyone in Seattle is rich. Census data shows that Seattle’s median household income is $110,000. Seattle ranked third for income among the 50 most-populous US cities, behind San Jose and San Francisco, California. On the bottom, Cleveland’s median income was at $36,600 with Detroit and Memphis joining in as the bottom three.

The median income for households headed by a multiracial person have also grown 92% from 2010. For households headed by a white person, incomes were up 78%. The city’s households headed by a Hispanic person increased by 52%, and for households headed by a Black person, it was 37%.

In all major racial/ethnic groups in Seattle have higher household incomes than the national median, except for Black people. The median for Black households in Seattle was estimated at $41,300, and the US median was $46,800. This may be a point to share with other Blacks thinking all in Seattle are rich.

Being young and married has it’s benefits. The young and married in Seattle has incredible income numbers. The median income for a married couple with children under 18 in 2021 in Seattle is $237,300. To give an idea how high that is, the US median income for a married couple with kids is $112,500.

Seattle’s income is due to a variety of factors that makes it much higher than the nation. Nationally, the median household income was $69,700 in the recent Census report. The median represents the midway point — in other words, half the households made more and half the households made less. The bureau was unable to release figures for 2020 due to difficulties collecting data. In 2019, Seattle’s median household income was $102,500.