Seattle disco singer named finalist in opening act competition

JNA, a finalist for the Opening Act competition, brings 70s disco vibes to local stages. #k5evening

SEATTLE — It was eight years ago when singer Lauren Sharma, known on stage as “JNA” recorded a catchy tune with disco vibes. It was called “Tell Me Why.”

“I always gravitate towards 70s disco even with fashion,” JNA shared. “I just love that era. I am just feel good poppy disco. I love, love, love, Earth, Wind & Fire.”

But before her music career could get off the ground, life threw in a surprise. JNA became a mom.

“I had a new baby, so everything was focused on him,” JNA explained. “I was in love with this little person. My son was everything.”

JNA went several years without making music and grew her family.

As a wife and mother of three, it didn’t seem like she could fit anything else.

But she still remembers the moment she knew she had to act.

“It was in the middle of the pandemic. It just felt like groundhog day. The same thing over and over…kids, diapers,” JNA shared. “Seeing so many lives lost and young lives like myself. It just felt like this can’t be it. There’s something more that I’m meant to do.”

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JNA started performing again and entered herself in a contest to become the opening act for an event at the Hollywood Bowl.

Turns out, JNA became a finalist.

“I saw it online one day and I just saw, ‘Will you be the next opening act?’ and I’m like, ‘Yes!'” JNA exclaimed. “When I was selected I was jumping for joy. I called my mom, my husband, saying, ‘I have been selected!.’ It feels amazing!”

The song she recorded 8 years ago, “Tell Me Why” is finally out for the world to hear; and she’s working on new music, while keeping family close.

Her stage name JNA comes from the initials of her three children.

“J is my oldest. N is my middle. A is most recent. Jackson, Noah, Alexander,” JNA explained.

JNA admits it’s exhausting trying to do it all, but with the help of her family and community, this disco queen is in her rightful place.

“I’m not playing Carnegie Hall, but even with small stages it’s a dream,” JNA said. “I’m loving it. I’m loving what I’m doing even on a small scale. It’s amazing! it’s fun! I’m so proud of myself!”

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